About Us

The main purpose of the civil non-profit organization are:

Europolice Federation of Greece” is a non-profit Organization which is registered in 20.10.2020 with the Court Decision Nr.50856 with NUIS: 996996266

It has been established as an independent non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization.

The organization’s goal is declared in the Statute in its Article 4 and has to do with undertaking initiatives of citizens for obstruction of criminality in Hellenic Republic, presentation with the knowledge and experience of experienced subjects in the Hellenic Republic and abroad in the field of public order and peace, road safety, fire protection and assistance in case of disasters and natural disasters. Assistance to victims of crime and their relatives, The fight against organized crime and corruption, The fight against terrorism, The fight against human trafficking, The fight against the narcotics trade, Fight against high-tech crime etc…

Europolice Federation of Greece” Organization, created with the support of civil society Europolice Federation in the Slovak Republic, Adress: Biskupice 244,986 01 Fil’akovo, with NIUS: 50065921, registered in the Ministry of Interior of Slovakia, and according to its model.

  • The prevention of crime in the Greek Republic
  • The promotion of education, training presentation of knowledge and experiences of subjects and assistance in case of disasters, including natural phenomena.
  • Providing assistance to victims of crime and corruption.
  • The fight against organized crime and corruption.
  • The fight against terrorism.
  • The fight against human trafficking.
  • The fight against drug trafficking.
  • The fight against high-tech cybercrime.
  • Raising public awareness of the importance of security and cooperating with security structures.
  • Road and traffic assistance.
  • Providing directions for the development of security and corporation with all security structures in Greek Republic.
  • The participation in a known and innovative way in the political security structures in the Hellenic Republic.
  • The organization of professional meetings, seminars, forum and lectures in the field of security and cooperation with all the structures through the exchange of knowledge, experiences and information in the Greek Republic.
  • The exchange of knowledge, experiences between the members of the organization with other professional organizations and organizations with a similar orientation.
  • The continuous education of the community in general for security and cooperation with all security structures through the exchange of knowledge, experiences and information in the Hellenic Republic.
  • To achieve these goals the company will submit relevant programs to secure the necessary resources. it will also utilize the logistical and executive infrastructure, experience and knowledge of the contracting members. In order to achieve its goals the organization establishes contacts and collaborates with other organizations both in the country and abroad.